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Hi {firstname}!

If you’re like me and don’t quite understand the proper methods of social networking, you’re going to be quite pleased with the information I’m about to share with you.

I’ve seen a lot of articles harping on the importance of social networking when it comes to business.  Stuff like, how to get potential as well as existing clients interested in my facebook posts, twitter tweets, etc.  Well this lady by the name of Crystal Washington, Marketing and Social Media Consultant, offers a guide teaching exactly how to do it.

Why Participate? What Are The Benefits?

There are many ways you can benefit from participating on Facebook. As a business owner you can:

  • Increase Awareness
  • Maximize Exposure
  • Boost Credibility
  • Build Community
  • Multiply Profits
  • Learn more about your audience
  • Create partnerships

Sounds good, right? Especially when social networking doesn’t have to take much of your marketing budget. In fact, many business owners are able to achieve great results with social networking and spend very little.

Crystal says:

“With one out of 13 people in the world now on Facebook, there is a good chance that your customers, employer/future employer and potential partners are there.  They are waiting to meet, interact and do business with you.  Are you ready for them?”

Unfortunately my answer was “no.”

Here’s the real deal.  I figured if I could apply the suggestions written in the guide, I would see the results right?  I have already begun using this. It works! I’m learning what social networking is all about and how it applies to my business. I’m a happy customer.

This product is for sale here:
Socialtunities: Facebook for Business
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Now if you want to know more, let me remind you it would be unethical for me to share everything mentioned — just like I did, you’ll have to grab a copy for yourself.

When I first bought it, I’ll be honest, I thought it was going to be just like everything I had seen before, you know stuff like promising this and promising that but producing zero results!  Yes, I was skeptical but I am serious about my business and I know you are too, that’s why I’m sharing this valuable resource to you.

Here’s just one of many testimonies of Crystal Washington when it comes to empowering business owners on Social Media:

“I attended Crystal’s LinkedIn workshop at Rejuvenate last week. I took her advice and made a few simple tweaks to my profile, to optimize it for search and visibility. It hasn’t even been a full week since I’ve made the changes and today, I received my first lead as a result! I highly recommend Crystal to any team that is serious about increasing sales and leveraging social media to do so.” ~ Proscovia Mattas -Convention Sales Manager

Go ahead, check it out for yourself:
Socialtunities: Facebook for Business

Have a great day!
(insert your name)

P.S. Don’t forget to let me know your incredible results!

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