Social Media for College Students

Social Media for College Students’ Networking & Job Search

In a time when over 90% of Fortune 500 Companies use social media for recruiting and potential employee research, college students cannot afford to not have a firm understanding of social media for job search. Getting on social media is easy; figuring out what to do once you’re on it…now that can be a challenge.

In this funny and interactive program, originally delivered to students at the University of Pennsylvania, listeners will discover how to create an engaging online presence that attracts recruiters, how to clean up profiles that are hurting them, and how to strategically leverage social media to land a position.

Download the audio recording and view the accompanying links!

By the end of the program the participants will:

  • Identify that the rules of engagement for professional interactions online, including personal branding.
  • Uncover the secret to creating profiles that attract more views from recruiters.
  • Learn what not to do from the unfortunate, though hilarious, mishaps of others.
  • Understand how to use social networks to find available positions and network with key decision makers.
  • Discover tools and techniques for cleaning up social media profiles.

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