Generations Speaker Karen McCullough and Social Media Speaker & Strategist Crystal Washington teamed up and created Socialtunities- Leveraging Social Media Opportunities for Business & Career.  Purchase audio playbacks from Socialtunities workshops as well as downloadable workbooks!


Socialtunities 4 Pack- Social Media for Business Overview and LinkedIn, Facebook & Twitter for Business

Socialtunities Workbook & Audio Downloads

Get all 4 workshops below for the price of 3!

Price:  $237


Socialtunities Social Media for Business Overview

socialtunities overview workbook image with cd copy


A Boomer and a Gen Y team up to offer you a clear, fluff-free, program filled with impactful strategies and time-saving tips that will raise your visibility as an employee or business owner.


  • Learn how to write a power-packed bio for all of your profiles.
  • Discover how to build your LinkedIn network and build your brand.
  • Understand how to use Facebook effectively for business, leaving “Mafia Wars” behind.
  • Discover how to use videos, slides & pictures to increase your online visibility.
  • Stop wasting time doing things that don’t produce!
  • Learn the three ways to strategically use Twitter.
  • Identify what social network is best for you.

Price:  $79


Socialtunities LinkedIn for Business

Over 70% of Fortune 100 companies using LinkedIn to find talent, and 93% of marketers use LinkedIn as their single most important social channel.  Today, LinkedIn is the perfect social network for entrepreneurs and career-minded individuals.

LinkedIn just went public, and it is on track to change the way companies hire and grow.  Are you ready to get LinkedIn?  If so, get ready to grow!


  • Identify your brand strategy and create your LinkedIn ritual.
  • Examine the three types LinkedIn resumes, and fill out the one that works best  for
  • you.
  • Get found by decision makers and influencers by using keywords.
  • Advanced Search- Discover how to find key people and connect.
  • Power Posting- Learn how to post great content while saving time

Price:  $79


Socialtunities Facebook for Business

With one out of 13 people in the world now on Facebook, there is a good chance that your customers, employer/future employer and potential partners are there.  They are waiting to meet, interact and do business with you.  Are you ready for them?

It is time to reap the benefits of a real Facebook strategy!


  • Identify your Facebook business personality type.
  • Learn how to create interactive content that drives traffic, sales and opportunities.
  • Discover how to build “Dominoes Effect” relationships.
  • Avoid Facebook “litter” and start saving time with cool tools.
  • Groups, Apps, Fan Pages & More!  Discover how to use Facebook add-ons.

Price:  $79


Socialtunities Twitter for Business

Want to get found by potential employers, clients and business partners?  Think Twitter!  Twitter’s search engine receives around 600 million search queries per day.

Tweeting, hash marks and ampersand signs may seem confusing, but they don’t have to be.   Become a power player on the world’s largest information resource.


  • Create a Twitter ritual-  Learn what and how to tweet.
  • Discover how to get followed.
  • Learn the top 30 people to follow.
  • Understand how to use Twitter to drive traffic to your website or blog.
  • Uncover the top three ways to use Twitter to find employment and opportunities.
  • Tweetdeck, Twitpic, Twit-everything- Discover cool tools for organizing,
  • automating and supero-charging your Twitter experience.

Price:  $79