Monthly Archives: May 2009

Marketing Lessons From Cleo McDowell

I’ll never forget what my boss told me; I was fresh out of college, occupying my first sales & marketing position. Boss:  If you want to know what works in terms of marketing, just look at the big guys. Me:  Excuse me? Boss:  Copy what they’re doing.  They are investing hundreds of thousands of dollars […]

10 Minute Marketing Plan

Marketing plans are a lot like clothing; you may have on a $50 outfit right now or a $5000 outfit- either option is better than leaving the house naked! Yes, that $5000 outfit may be made out of better material and may give you a better “look”, but in the event you cannot afford that, […]

Powerful Women International Luncheon

Learn how to strategically utilize online tools to expand your brand and grow your business.  For more information, visit PWI’s website.

Onyx Six

Marketing Webinar.  For more information, visit

“IN THE BLACK” Black Business Empowerment Summit II

Join other entrepreneurs, business owners and community leaders as we work together for success and help to empower your business and our collective business community. This will not only be a lucrative event but a very positive one as well. For more information, click here.