Monthly Archives: June 2009

Desperate Marketing- Why Shots in The Dark Work Against You

I’ve noted a recent influx in what I label “desperate marketing”.  What is desperate marketing?  Well, it is when a company is really in need of business so business owners just “throw something out and wait to see if it sticks”.  There are several reasons why this kind of marketing is not only not effective […]

Marketing Secrets on CNN

I recently appeared on CNN’s Houston-based radio station to talk about little-known marketing secrets.  Host of HNN’s (Houston Networking News) Business, Networking and You, R.D. Yoder asked me several questions regarding both marketing and networking.  Are you taking full advantage of marketing opportunities? Oftentimes, business owners have misconceptions about what it really means to market […]

Power Networking Secrets- Learn How To Strike Up Conversations With Anyone

I had the pleasure of appearing on Ask Dr. Wendy, Dr. Wendy Johnson’s radio show.  We talked exclusively about the ins and outs of networking. I personally believe that networking is one of the most important marketing activities, yet so few of us are effective networkers.  In fact, most people are extremely uncomfortable networking.  I […]

Twitter Marketing- Help Is On The Way!

Twitter is one of those things that people either totally get or totally do not get.  To understand how best to use Twitter, it is necessary to understand what twitter is.  Twitter is a micro-blogging platform.  In other words, it is an opportunity to blog in 140 characters or less at a time. Why is […]

No Money For Marketing? Check Your Contacts!

Who do you know?  Nine times out of ten, if you have a feasible product or service there is someone in your network of contacts that can send you referrals.  Referrals are an integral part of marketing.  The problem is that most business owners will not ask for referrals outright. Stop for a minute and […]

Big Mouth Marketing

I have a saying that I tell family and friends quite frequently, “You can choose to be loud or choose to be heard.”  Normally, I am referring to people that see a problem but instead of truly addressing it, they try to embarrass those that are part of the problem.  You might see these people […]

Creating Brand Value

What is your product or service worth? Most people would answer that question in fairly concrete terms.  However, your product or service is worth absolutely nothing and is priceless at the same time! A product or service is only worth what people will pay for it- bottom line.  If everyone decided not to accept printed/minted […]

Stay in Business- Stay Relevant

One of the keys to business survival is staying current with emerging trends.  Well, in reality, you want to stay ahead of trends and be a trailblazer.  If you do not, you might find your product/service outdated and your pool of clients drying up. There is a saying in my house between my husband and […]

Marketing 101- Getting the Sale!

One of the most difficult things for professionals to accomplish is “getting the sale”.  I know many people who have an amazingly huge pipeline, but constantly struggle to close sales; even with a great a product offering.  This is a serious marketing problem. Why is this a marketing problem?  Most people think that the terms […]

Marketing on Social Networks- Creating a Sense of Confidence in your Brand

I have taught many business owners how to leverage social networks like Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin to grow their businesses.  Inevitably, I always get the same question, “How do I inspire a sense of confidence in my company in people that have never met my employees or myself?” Good question.  Honestly, it is taking the […]