Monthly Archives: March 2011

Social Media Overload? Make Social Media More Manageable in Three Minutes.

We’ve all been there- too much email, direct messages, updates, tweets, check-ins, event invites and pokes!  However, you can make social media networks like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn more manageable with these tips.

Social Media Suicide: Five Ways to Completely Destroy Your Brand Reputation via Social Networks

I’m not someone who uses the term “suicide” lightly.  However, the epidemic of people harming their personal and professional brands via social media is a very serious topic.  People have been known to lose jobs, clients and even mates due to social media activities.  If you’re looking for ways to commit Brand Harakiri, I suggest […]

When Branding & Social Media Collide : 3 Lessons For Great Social Media Profiles

I recently had the pleasure of speaking to HelmsBriscoe, the world’s largest meeting planning organization,  in San Francisco with Branding & Generations Speaker Karen McCullough.  This was an awesome “full circle” moment for me because, prior to my starting my own marketing firm, I worked in the hospitality industry and often partnered with HelmsBriscoe.

Aristotle’s Three Point Marketing Approach

I’m sure Aristotle never imagined an afro-puffed marketing strategist blogging about his writings on rhetoric.  Yet, here I am. Rhetoric, or the art and study of persuasive language, was divided into three major categories by Aristotle:  ethos, pathos and logos.  In marketing, we use these same three approaches to convince customers to purchase, 2300 + […]