Monthly Archives: May 2011

Facebook Friend Requests & LinkedIn Invitations – 5 Tips for Not Being Mistaken for a Stalker or Aggressive Salesperson

There are a few things that you should keep in mind while making new connections. Here are five tips for getting “accepted”.

Bye-Bye PowerPoint! Why I ♥ (Love) Prezi!

My seemingly happy love affair with PowerPoint was destroyed when I discovered Prezi- the latest development in presentation software. Prezi allows users to set up presentations closer to the way in which people think- based on perspective. Prezi offers zooming and tilting abilities.

The Role of Social Media During Natural Disasters

The role of social media in the wake of natural disasters is still unclear, but sites like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube can be of great value when tsunamis, earthquakes, floods and other natural disasters strike.

10 Things I Have Learned from a Baby Boomer (In less than six months)

Karen McCullough and my friendship demonstrates the true power of collaboration. Here are ten things that I, a Gen Y, learned from a Baby Boomer-

How Meeting Planners Can Use Foursquare to Promote Events & Conferences

Foursquare, a location-based social network that allows users with smartphones to “check in” at venues, can be used to increase engagement for both public and private events. Meeting planners and event professionals who are not currently utilizing this social media site are losing out big time!

How to Get Publicity, Get Featured in Magazines & Get on TV

If you’re reading this post, I’m guessing that you know the importance of good PR. Unfortunately, if you do not already have media/ reporter contacts, getting featured in magazines, on television and in other media outlets can be a bit of a challenge… UNLESS you do the following.