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Why Your Brand Should Be Tweaked BEFORE Social Media

I’m a pretty techie gal, but I do like to include real-life stories to illustrate points in my talks.  Luckily, I’ve had nothing short of a life full of funny misadventures.  If you have read my blog post entitled Protect Your Brand- Why Your Nonexistent Nipple Ring Can Hurt Your Brand, then you know just […]

LinkedIn: Socialtunities- Leveraging Social Media Opportunities for Business & Career

June 28, 2011 8:30 AM- 12:00 PM8:30 The Council 303 Jackson Hill St. (Washington near Waugh) Houston, TX 77008 To purchase tickets, visit          

Social Media- Good for your brand, but not your butt!

Losing total control of your brand can be scary, but here are four steps that you can take to “manage” your brand while trusting fans/followers/friends to be your brand ambassadors.

Steven Cooper

“The marketing coaching provided by Crystal was also excellent. She also provided a handout guide as a companion to her verbal presentation. I had an opportunity to make at least 7 genuine win-win connections.” – Steven Cooper

Karen McCullough

“Crystal Washington is a marketing expert, a social media maven,a technology geek, and a professional speaker who knows how connect and relate to audiences. She makes technology exciting and sends you off ready to put into action what she is …” — Karen McCullough

How to Research Companies Online- Power Prospecting with Google Search

Perhaps you’re bidding on a lucrative contract and you would like to see what other vendors offered in the past. Maybe you’re a salesperson whose niche is government contractors. Either way, Google can provide you with amazing insight, information and contact information for prospects.