Monthly Archives: July 2011

Network Like a Pimp

…or not.  Actually, the title should be “Do NOT Network Like a Pimp”. I’ve been to many a conference and networking event in my day.  It never fails to amaze me how some men, rather than putting on their networking hats, decide to go with their fuzzy pimp hats instead.  What am I talking about?  […]

Your Friends: The #1 Enemy of Small Business Marketing

I cannot tell you how many business owners I have encountered who have been steered wrong because of their friends.

How to Get more Followers on Twitter and Fans on Facebook using Mobile

Did you know that someone can “like” your Facebook Page or follow you on Twitter via a simple text message?

5 Ways To Keep Your Conference Attendees Engaged Between Meetings

Putting on annual conventions can feel similar to a power cycling class. You’re moving at the speed of light during heavy registrations until your post convention meeting, then you have a lull for several months, then- you’re at it again.

Computers are Like Underwear- At Least for this Gen Y

I never thought of myself as “different” or maybe even a bit extreme when it comes to technology until yesterday.

The Problem with Bait & Switch

I’m seated on my flight, on my way to Los Angeles at 6:00 AM. I’m sleepy, cramped and really hungry. Shortly after takeoff, a flight attendant approaches asking if I would like to purchase something to eat.

Social Media Lacks Sustainability

As someone who studies Zen Meditation techniques, I appreciate silence and down time. I love the fact that disconnecting from technology helps me connect more spiritually with my fellow humans.

7 Lessons No One Shares About Starting Your Own Business

I remember all of the sometimes crazy lessons I was forced to learn along the way. These are the top 7 lessons every business owner will encounter.

How to Stop Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn Emails

If you are constantly receiving emails from Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter in our email inbox, you are wasting valuable time. Learn how to turn off these emails/ notifications.

Three Tips for Creating More Engaging Email Newsletters

Nearly all small businesses use newsletters from services like Constant Contact to send emails to their customers/followers/supporters.  However, not all newsletters are created equal.  Here are three things that you can do to make your emails more engaging. Use HTML vs. Boring Templates. While newsletter templates were once the only option available to the masses […]