Monthly Archives: July 2011

5 Reasons Why No One is Friending/Following You on Social Media

Over the past few years, I’ve heard it all when it comes to excuses why professionals are not using social media.  One of the biggest frustrations is that not enough people interact with them on popular social networks like LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook.  While I understand their feelings, I also understand that the issue is […]

Mastermind Groups vs. Mentors – Can You Guess Which Model is Outdated?

I don’t think that anyone would argue the importance of mentors in the lives of career professionals or even business owners. However, the traditional mentorship model is outdated. For the next thirty days, you’ll get a sneak peak into my Mastermind Group.

Selling Experiences at Whole Foods- Why I Don’t Mind Overspending

This is why I spend nearly twice as much at Whole Foods vs. shopping at other, closer, grocery stores. I am happily paying for the experience of being part of a community.