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How to Gain Customer Loyalty with a Little Lagniappe – Lessons from Omni and T-Mobile

Have you ever wondered what exactly causes customer loyalty? Why you’re willing to spend more with certain brands or miss out on perks to patronize another? Here is the answer—Lagniappe.

Twitter Explained for Everyday People

Why are people so scared of Twitter? My theory is because it is nearly impossible to define—I mean really define. Sure, I can tell you that it is a micro blogging network that is awesome for real-time information, but what does that mean to the average person?

5 Ways to Increase Productivity on Social Media Sites

[melting clock] I’ll be the first to admit, falling into a social media black hole is something we all do. I’ve had more than my share of days when I’ve started off uber-productive only to find that three hours have passed, and all I have to show for it is a gazillion interactions with Facebook friends, and many laughs.

3 Easy Tools for Building Better Business Relationships in 2012- Part II

If you’ve read Part I, then you know how to convert your business cards into a digital format. Now the fun begins. In order to connect with your contacts, you’ll need to convert the information into .CSV format.

3 Easy Tools for Building Better Business Relationships in 2012- Part I

Get that tub-o-cards out, and I’ll share three of my favorite resources for inputting contact information, as well as how to connect with your contacts using three large social media networks: LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.