Monthly Archives: December 2013

3 Last Minute Brand Actions to Take Before 2014

As you sit back enjoying the holiday season, possibly deciding to scale back your work load for end of the year celebrations, remember that this is the perfect time of year to prepare for those New Year’s resolutions that may include acquiring a new position, clients or building yourself as an industry expert. While most people […]

Ensure Potential Connections Accept Your Connection Requests

If you’re using social media for businesses, then you likely want to not only connect with existing friends and colleagues, but also identify and connect with new influencers, potential clients, etc. While social media gives us access to people in key positions, and around the world, there is one fact that anyone with the goal of […]

Leveraging the Holiday Season for Personal Branding

The holiday season is one of the few times in the year when every professional has a good excuse to connect with all contacts. A simple physical holiday card or gift is a great way to say, “hello,” and stand out in a world that has gone almost completely digital. However, simply purchasing generic holiday cards […]