Monthly Archives: January 2014

5 Simple Tips for Creating Boundaries on Social Media

With more than 73% of online adults using social media, the opportunity for users to connect with personal and business contacts is at an all-time high. Facebook is a great resource for staying connected with family and reconnecting with old friends. Sites like LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook offer strategic opportunities to build relationships with hiring […]

How To Create Your Professional Vision Board

While the origin of the vision board is unknown, we do know that people have been visualizing their desired results for thousands of years. Many ancient native peoples had a practice of visualizing a successful hunt prior to setting out with their hunting instruments. Today, everyone from eastern spiritual healers to Navy Seals use visualizing techniques […]

Do Less and Get More Business Results in 2014

If you’re reading this blog post, you likely have lofty business resolutions in 2014 but a fixed amount of time to make them happen. A recent study from the University of Scranton states that just 8% of people actually accomplishtheir New Year’s Resolutions. You, like most Americans, have likely overcommitted. Statistically, you will more than likely fail. […]

Start Your Own Business in 2014

Have you considered entrepreneurship? According to a recent study by 1 and 1, 53% of American adults have considered starting their own business. However, many obstacles await the burgeoning entrepreneur. I asked three new entrepreneurs three questions about their leap from employee to business owner in 2013. Meet the Entrepreneurs Tim Murphy, Co-Founder of AirDrop Gaming I was approaching […]