Affiliate Terms Update

Important! Affiliate Terms Update

FTC Guidelines — December 1, 2009 .

We highly encourage you to learn and understand the FTC Guidelines when it comes to Affiliate Marketing.  Please read our terms and conditions and make sure you comply with them.

We know guidelines and legal stuff can be sort of boring, however, please take the time to read the information below.

It Applies To Non US Based Affiliates Too

Because we are a US Based entity, the FTC has jurisdiction over our activity. While the FTC may not have jurisdiction over your activities, every time you use your affiliate link to our products and services, you are our representative and we are responsible for the manner you represent us. We intend to be a good corporate citizen so we ask you help us do that. In any case, because our terms have changed to comply with these guidelines, our terms are a binding agreement between you and us regardless where you are located.


If you post your affiliate links on your site or blog or even newsletter, do make a disclosure policy to notify people that you could potentially receive a commission from your links. We also recommend a method either through link color or a quick “Disclosure: This post contains affiliate link” or (aff) next to the link when displaying the link.

Watch Your Reviews And Statements

While the guidelines do not say you can’t use testimonials, it has specific recommendations. So when writing a review or recommendation, keep your claims reasonable. Please note, we also update our terms to not allow performance claims anymore. But you can still say how much you like our product or other ways it has helped you.

These highlights should not be taken as the whole sum of compliance, so we urge you to do your own learning and research. The following is a resource we have found that have been helpful to us as affiliates of other peoples’ products.

Jim Edwards Interviews The FTC – good one. A must watch, especially if you run your own affiliate program too.