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On April 18, 2013, at 7pm CST, Tough Talk Network Presents: “Get Results Now Using LinkedIn!”.

Tony Gambone & The Tough Talk Radio Network, welcomes you to join the affiliate network through Social Media Expert, Crystal Washington-Martin.

As an affiliate, you will direct potential customers to through text links, graphics, blog posts via your website site or email campaigns, utilizing your unique affiliate program url. The potential customer is not required to purchase, however if they do you will earn 40% commission. We take care of processing the order.

Our first promotion is for the webinar on 4/18/2013

  • When you join the affiliate program and grab your unique affiliate url, here’s where your lead will end up, click here.
  • If they decide to order Crystal’s LinkedIn for Business Workbook, you’ll generate a 40% commission on each person who comes through your unique affiliate url.

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For questions regarding the affiliate program or how to grab your unique affiliate url after signing up, contact Regina Baker, Affiliate Manager:

Tony Gambone, Tough Talk Radio Network
Crystal Washington-Martin, Marketing & Social Media Expert