How To Use Twitter To Network / Build In-Person Relationships

Twitter is not just about creating online relationships.  Check out how I used Twitter to build relationships prior to attending the National Speakers Association Conference (#NSA11) with my good friend and Generations Speaker, Karen McCullough.  On a side note, I was totally amazed that two hours after creating this video, Scott Stratton … [Read more...]

How to Stop Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn Emails

If you are constantly receiving emails from Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter in our email inbox, you are wasting valuable time.  Not only are you spending time deleting all of these messages, but you are also probably logging into your social media accounts several times a day.  Considering that each network has a way of notifying you when something … [Read more...]

Why Your Brand Should Be Tweaked BEFORE Social Media

I'm a pretty techie gal, but I do like to include real-life stories to illustrate points in my talks.  Luckily, I've had nothing short of a life full of funny misadventures.  If you have read my blog post entitled Protect Your Brand- Why Your Nonexistent Nipple Ring Can Hurt Your Brand, then you know just how silly I can get.   In this … [Read more...]

How to Research Companies Online- Power Prospecting with Google Search

Whether you are a small business owner, salesperson or business professional, you're probably going to have to do a little Reconnaissance work online. Perhaps you're bidding on a lucrative contract and you would like to see what other vendors offered in the past. Maybe you're a salesperson whose niche is government contractors. Either way, … [Read more...]