The Essential Framework to Shaping Your
Future Success

Backed by scientific rigor, the FutureBend PACE Assessment is an invaluable tool for professional development and team optimization, ensuring that your organization is not just prepared for the future but is actively shaping it.

The FutureBend PACE Assessment

Is Your Organization Future-Ready?

It’s no secret that today’s business landscape is evolving faster than ever. As a result, leaders often struggle to gauge their team’s readiness for innovation and change. Understanding how team members approach these challenges is crucial. Yet, many organizations lack the tools to assess and predict future behaviors related to work engagement, citizenship performance, adaptive performance, and turnover intention.

Without this insight, leaders, individuals, and teams can face difficulties adapting to change, fostering innovation, and maintaining a positive outlook toward the future.

The FutureBend PACE Assessment™ is a groundbreaking tool that measures key traits essential for achieving success in the face of uncertainty: adaptability, comfort with ambiguity, innovation/creativity, positive outlook, and future influence. Developed through extensive research and validated by scientific rigor, this assessment offers a comprehensive analysis of how one’s natural tendencies align with futurist behaviors.

Elevate Your Team's Future-Readiness

The FutureBend PACE Assessment™ is a valuable tool for identifying and nurturing futurist behaviors and is designed to enhance both team effectiveness and individual career development. It serves as a key tool for fostering team growth and professional advancement.

Futurist Development

Our assessment effectively identifies futurist behaviors, providing insights for personal and professional development. It highlights strengths and areas for improvement across five key dimensions, offering tailored feedback for comprehensive growth and skill enhancement.

Team Effectiveness

The assessment evaluates individual futurist traits, revealing their impact on team dynamics. It highlights how varying levels of adaptability and comfort with ambiguity among team members can influence interactions, helping identify team gaps and enhance collaboration.

Personal & Career Growth

The FutureBend PACE Assessment™ clarifies individuals’ futurist strengths and areas for improvement, enabling them to leverage their futurist traits effectively, ensure career alignment, and create tailored growth strategies for maximizing their potential.

Future-Focused Consulting Solutions

Build a Resilient, Future-Ready Organization

Looking to go deeper? 

Crystal Washington enhances organizational future-readiness with tailored consulting solutions. Utilizing insights from the FutureBend PACE Assessment and strategies from her Future Ready Playbook, Crystal develops an action plan for each client’s specific needs, guiding them from strategic planning to successful execution.

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