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Four Online Services Every Business Owner Should Know About

Four Online Services Every Business Owner Should Know About

Today I thought that I would share a few online services that every business owner should know about.  These four increase my productivity while the first two additionally keep me safe from the angry postal workers at my neighborhood station.

  • SendOutCards– This service allows you to create customized cards.  In fact, you can even submit your handwriting as a font.  Once the card is created, you can choose to add special goodies or gifts and then- submit.  They’ll mail the card for you!  This is perfect for someone like me.  It just so happens that USPS is my nemesis.
  • YouSendIt– Yet another service that keeps me from having epic battles with USPS (and UPS and FedEx) sending disks.  If you ever need to send large files, this is the service that I use to send large files via email.  There are several different tracking options and you have the ability to make the files expire on specific dates, after so many downloads or not expire at all.
  • Shoeboxed– Never input business cards again!  Also, this is a great way to get rid of that huge box full-o-cards.  Throw all of your cards in a prepaid envelope once or twice a month.  A few days later, you will be able to download your contact information from their website.  Then, you can upload your contacts into Outlook, LinkedIn, etc.
  • ODesk– this is the best service, by far, for hiring contractors.  Find a virtual assistant, graphic designer or even web designer anywhere in the world.  View their work history, portfolio and even see what other employers have to say about them.


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  1. Crystal,
    Thanks for all the helpful hints that keep coming!

  2. You are most welcome Nancy!