Monthly Archives: July 2009

Gauge Your Marketing- Three Ways To Track Marketing Results

Running specials, advertising and new public relations campaigns for your business are all well and good, but how do you know if your efforts are a success?  Far too many business owners spend time and/or money on marketing without understanding the value they are receiving in return, if any. The first step in gauging the […]

Protect Your Brand- Want to know what others are saying about you?

Most people are a little nosy when it comes to finding out what other people “really” think about them.  Socially, this can be an extremely bad pastime.  However, in business, you should always know what is being said about your brand and who/what you are being linked to. One of the most simple and cost […]

Smart Marketing- Should You Be Giving Your Product Away?

Oftentimes, small business owners find themselves with an extremely small, or nonexistent, marketing budget.  What few of them know is that great marketing is not always costly.  One of the best ways to grow a business is giving the product or service away! Yes, you read correctly.  Putting your product in the hands of connectors […]

Three Social Media Tools To Propel Your Career

In this month’s issue of Womentality Magazine, I discuss ways to leverage social media to positively impact one’s career and/or business.  Read the full article.

Free Business, Social Networks & You Webinar

Learn how social networks can help you grow and explode your business.  In this 30 minute webinar, I will help you discover new ways to market your business at no cost.  Takeaways include: Stop wasting time not getting results on social networks Use Twitter to become a customer magnet Leverage Linkedin to become a recognized […]

Armpit Marketing- When A Really Fresh Approach Goes South

I’ve already discussed the importance of keeping one’s product or service relevant in a previous post.  What happens when your marketing approach becomes outdated? A person may start off with a really fresh and effective marketing plan.  Perhaps they are using the newest technologies and most effective means of communication with current and potential clientele.  […]