Speakers Jonathan Sprinkles and Crystal Washington are on Fox 26 News

Save Time & Build Relationships: New Year’s Resolutions


If you have New Year’s goals or resolutions, productivity and/or building relationships are likely a part of your plan. In this Fox 26 segment, I had the opportunity to team up with Connections Coach Jonathan Sprinkles and share some of my favorite apps for helping busy (isn’t that all of us?) people reach their goals.

Four Easy Ideas For Customer Gifts

Crystal Washington

It’s that time of year! You’ve spent 2017 with fantastic customers and partners. Maybe you want to give them a little token of your appreciation, but you want to offer something more helpful than a company tchotchke. What are your options? Never fear, find some creative opportunities below. Fiverr Custom Video The possibilities are endless! […]

Four Tricks for Getting the Most Out of Conferences

Crystal Washington

Is your annual trade conference approaching? Annual conventions require a sacrifice of both time and money. Why not ensure you receive a healthy return on investment? Whether you are a career professional or a business owner, a supplier or regular member, applying strategy to attending events can pay off in business and career opportunities! Set […]

Nextdoor: Leverage Your Community in 2017

Crystal Washington

One of the most challenging aspects of this new technology age is the fact that, while we are supposedly more connected than ever, we seem to be less connected to our real families, friends, and communities. If you need proof, look no further than restaurants where you can spot large parties where nearly everyone is […]

Remove Apps for a Successful New Year

Crystal Washington

Happy New Year! It’s that time of year again where we make resolutions, select theme words or just commit to actively working to have our best year yet. Typically I create a blog post or send an email to my subscribers with the top apps for goal achievement or for productivity. In fact, I already […]

Postmates for Ordering Christmas Trees?

Crystal Washington

I am 100% dedicated to using technology to become more efficient, effective and connected! After returning from my last business trip for the year, I was exhausted but still had the Christmas spirit. What do you do when you want a tree, but your husband is busy working and, from a logistical standpoint, you cannot strap […]

Three Tech Tools for Engaging Presentations

Crystal Washington

  For more information on the tech tools I shared: I use Prezi, rather than Keynote or Power Point to create my presentations Pixlr is a quick-and-easy Photoshop-like free online tool iStock is the site I use for quality stock-images Follow my personal Facebook profile for additional tips- facebook.com/crystalwashington

Create A Simple Social Media Strategy in Fifteen Minutes

Crystal Washington

It’s a New Year and a new you! Or, at least, that’s what most of us are in the habit of saying. We create resolutions and set goals and are determined to follow through. However, somewhere around February 1, the new shine of the year wears off and, for most people, the commitment to achieving […]

Use This Social Network to Receive Better Customer Service

Crystal Washington

Have you ever had a horrible customer service experience that just kept getting worse? We’ve all been in the situation where a company makes a mistake. However, with call centers located in foreign countries and automated phone systems, a poor customer service experience can quickly turn into a horror.

There’s a trick to getting better customers service…

Three Tips for Crafting Your 2015 Professional Vision Board

Crystal Washington

Are you refreshing your personal brand in 2015 or looking to reinvent yourself and go into a new profession? A vision board may help you crystallize your 2015 goals. Vision boards are simply visual representations of your goals. They can be digital or physical collages of images representing your targets. Some create vision boards using poster board and images cut from magazines while other use apps or programs to paste images to a single file and use that picture as their desktop wallpaper.