I feel a little bad, as though I am not being loyal to a good friend.  PowerPoint has served me faithfully for many years.  I remember creating a much lauded presentation using PowerPoint in high school- yes, I’m a Gen Y.  Imagine my professor’s surprise in college when, for a project, I created an interactive Jeopardy game using  PowerPoint- I received an “A”.  Even as recent as last year, I used PowerPoint, as a keynote speaker,  to create a social media presentation for a women’s conference in Ghana.

Fast forward to a few months ago.  My seemingly happy love affair with PowerPoint was destroyed when I discovered Prezi- the latest development in presentation software. Prezi allows users to set up presentations closer to the way in which people think- based on perspective.  Prezi offers zooming and tilting abilities.   We don’t think linearly, now we don’t have to present that way either.  Below is my favorite Prezi on Prezi-