I never thought of myself as “different” or maybe even a bit extreme when it comes to technology until yesterday.  While visiting family members out of town, I observed four people using the same computer within the same day.  Now, there are many computers around the house but apparently, while each computer has a “technical” owner, everyone shares.

The Sesame Street programming in me tells me that this is an awesome thing- four, and sometimes five, adults sharing.  However, the geek in me panicked and thought “Holy Cow!  That is like sharing underwear!”

I’m just reflective enough to realize that my reaction may not be normal.  So, I’ve asked myself, what made me have that thought.  Here is what I concluded:

While all four items are fairly telling, the last one sums it up.  Somehow, over the years, my computers have become synonymous with underwear- necessary, private and MINE.

Do you share your computer?