Why spend tons of money advertising for new business when you have not fully utilized your list of customers who have bought from you before?  Past customers are any business’ most valuable, yet often underutilized, assets.

Three reasons why you should value your already-existing customers:

  1. The hard part is getting a client to buy from you once.  Once an initial purchase has taken place, selling additional products/ services is easy (assuming your customers have had pleasant experiences).
  2. Your existing clients know others who have a need for your services.  Maintaining a great relationship with existing clients is a great way to gain new referrals.
  3. Those that have purchased from you have valuable insight about the pros and cons of doing business with you.  Do not be afraid to solicit this information.

Now that you understand how valuable your existing clients are, ask yourself if you have done a good job of maintaining a relationship with them.  Be honest…

Need to work on building relationships with your customers?  Try the following:

If you’re looking for an influx of business, start with your existing customers!