For the most part, LinkedIn has been recognized as the most sterile of the larger social networks.  It’s one of my personal favorites for business, but, until now, was not well suited for daily interaction.  The following new releases may change that a bit.  Facebook users will find the changes to be very similar to Facebook offerings.

  1. LinkedIn has a new short URL:
  2. You now have the option to “attach a link” to your posts when you paste a link.  Similar to Facebook, LinkedIn will now pull an image to attach to your post.LinkedIn screen shot
  3. You can now edit and even delete your posts.
  4. Enjoy the ability to now control who can see your posts.  Make it available to everyone or just select specific groups or connections.
  5. SHARE!  There is now a new share link that will allow users to repost content.  Like Facebook, it has a credit attribute that shows the name of the original source.