One of the most challenging aspects of this new technology age is the fact that, while we are supposedly more connected than ever, we seem to be less connected to our real families, friends, and communities. If you need proof, look no further than restaurants where you can spot large parties where nearly everyone is playing with a smartphone rather than engaging each other.

Can I admit something? I hate that. It’s a pet peeve. In fact, I don’t invite people back to my house for game nights if they come and constantly play on their phones.

What can we do about it? Reconnect with our neighbors. Nextdoor is a handy website and app that allows you to connect with your neighborhood. The network is helpful whether you’re a business owner (and I do know people who use it successfully to generate leads) or if you just want to build more neighborly relationships. I went on Nextdoor today as saw this in my neighborhood:

How’s that for helpful!?

During one of my speaking sessions for a large REALTOR® conference in December, I suggested that all the attendees download the app. I then shared different ways they could use Nextdoor for lead generation. The gentlemen below downloaded the app as soon as I mentioned it and by the end of the session, he had scheduled a showing with someone HE JUST MET on the network! While in the class, people!

As for my neighborhood, we’ve planned block parties and thieves have been identified and caught when nearby neighbors, who read about thefts on Nextdoor, posted their home surveillance videos. They featured the unsuspecting bad guys from across the street or driving away! After all, they weren’t looking where neighbors’ cameras were situated.  I’ve used the service to give away furniture, ask for referrals for contractors, and a neighbor even gave me dishes that matched my current set perfectly!

One of my good friends recently sent me a note about how she uses Nextdoor:

Hi Crystal,

Saw your comment on Nextdoor. I am VERY active on my Nextdoor site for my area. It reaches not only your immediate neighborhood, but the 19 or so communities nearby. I’ve invited many people to the site, and told other friends in other neighborhoods how to get on it. Our Nextdoor is very active.

I have sold over $1,000 worth of items on Nextdoor to neighbors by posting with photos, shared road construction information and other projects or news going on in our area, discussed local restaurants and other services and vendors, chatted about safety for pets and people from wild animals roaming around the area (bobcats, coyotes, mountain lions, javelinas, etc.), shared safety info about any strangers or scammers, met neighbors through an “information investment club” someone started and we meet even to this day at the library. And amazingly, I have recently sold a commercial property directly to one of those investment club people! (A huge, unforeseen benefit for all involved.)

And one more super benefit: the homeowner’s association recently posted a neighborly function through it, and I then shared that with my immediate neighbors who may not have seen the post Many of us met each other in our neighborhood park – and got a lovely free lunch from the association. Was fun and now I know more people around me!

I mention this website to everyone because it’s highly effective! No one is on it except the actual neighbors, so you avoid spammers.

Feel free to share any of that in a newsletter if desired. I wish everyone would get on Nextdoor.


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