I always have a hard time getting people who have never tasted it to try hummus.  Why?  Well, it does not look particularly attractive.  In fact, it looks like someone already ate it once.

Overall, hummus is a fairly healthy topping.  It’s a great source of fiber, protein and iron.  Like guacamole, it also contains a fair amount of fat, due to the olive oil used in preparation.  This contributes to its overall yumminess.

I can feel you asking, “What does this have to do with marketing?”  Great question!  You may have a product or service that is needed, but not very glamorous.  For instance, if you sell insurance or happen to be a speaker who speaks on conflict management, you sell hummus.  Your products/ services are needed (healthy) but lack what I call the “fun factor”.

So, the question becomes, how do you market yourself and/or your business if you sell hummus?

1.  Package your services with partner services.  I sneak a little hummus into sandwiches and other similar items.  This way, my guests will try it, without having to dig into a bowl of something that doesn’t look particularly pleasant.

2.  Employ affiliates.  Get others to recommend your services or sell your products for your to their own contacts.  Brand ambassadors will have an easier time of selling your brand than you will with their circle of influence.

3.  Take a different and fresh marketing approach.  Set yourself apart with unique branding that makes your brand exciting!  Don’t just put a blob of hummus in a bowl, dress it up with vegetables and herbs.