April 17, 2020


Crystal Washington: Hello, I’m Crystal Washington, Technology Strategist, and Futurist

Karen McCullough: and I’m Karen McCullough, the millennial evangelist who helps you deal with change. And today we want you to rethink it forward

Crystal Washington: and by rethink it forward, we mean that there are things that have worked for us in the past that won’t necessarily work for us in the future. And if we were to be really honest, they’re not even always working for us right now.

Karen McCullough: But we’re going to get something working for you now because we are going to talk about games. It’s fun, it’s fun Friday, and we’re going to talk about games you can play online and off.

Crystal Washington: Can I share a few of my favorite ones, Karen, that I’ve been doing for it? Okay, so one of my favorite things to play is there as an app, this called house party. Now, before downloading any app, make sure that you look at the permissions and the features and decide if it’s something that you’re willing to agree to. So always read that first. But house party app, little little hand here. This is really cool because it actually looks like you’re almost like on a zoom call. So you’re on there with up to seven other people and there’s different games you can choose to play with the group. And so for instance, it has heads up. Many people are familiar with that game where you have the little card on your head and people are trying to help you. Guess what the word is on your head.

Crystal Washington: Well, in Thai, inside of a heads up, what happens is, or inside of house party, I’m sorry, if you choose that game, seven people will see the word, the one person who’s guessing won’t see the word and then you’re trying to help that person get so you can cancel. Yeah, you get a chance to play that game and and many other ones. So that’s one option. Another thing that’s really simple is you can actually play zoom. Bingo. Ooh. So you can email out bingo cards to everybody ahead of time or put them with the chat. There’s all kinds of ways that you can do it, but bingo is a game that people of all ages can play. You just need one person to be able to draw balls are actually online. There’s ways where it can kind of pull up randomized numbers, but it’s actually pretty simple to play. One of the last things I would suggest is if we want to play a game with a small child using FaceTime or a similar application, you can play I spot, so you just do a room scan where you say, okay, let’s scan the room, turn in a circle, and then you can start playing ice by when it’s their turn, same thing. So it’s something fun that they can do and it’s easy.

Karen McCullough: I like that I’m going to do ice buy with Jack. It’s interesting. He wants to always play a game at the end of our teaching sessions when I’m doing that teaching with him and he asked me if I had dice and I said I do. I have a Dyson, so we play candy land. Of course he has the game out there and we roll the dice and then he moves me. I have no idea where he’s moving me because he always wins, but it’s a lot of fun. I have things that I can do with, I have five grandkids and they’re all under the age of Dan, so we’re really looking for games, so I’m going to try that ice. Five I thought I’d give you some ideas of things that you could play at home when you’re going to take a break with the kids or even if you’re just, I have no idea who’s in your house right now.

Karen McCullough: It could be all adults, but one of the things I thought would be really good. I love poker and I don’t know if you know this crystal, but I’m in two different poker groups and I love it. It helps me think and it lets me read people and the focus a really great game for me. And I was thinking wouldn’t it be kind of cool to teach the kids black Jack because now we’ve incorporated math right into the cards and they have to get to 21 and I thought that would be kind of fun and it might be at night we played blackjack. I don’t know if that goes along in your family but it would be something I would love to do. So come on over and play with me after we do social distancing. Um, another one I love are dominoes. We play dominoes a lot.

Karen McCullough: I’ve got the grandkids up to down from seven all the way up to 14 playing dominoes and we play chicken foot. So chicken foot might be a lot of fun and sounds. Which chicken foot? It sounds good, right? It’s fun. It’s where you place the dominoes out and some of the downloads you place on this side. It looks like a little chicken foot. We’ll have to play that when we’re not social distancing. Oh so no chicken was harmed in the making of that game. You know, I’m a vegetarian so I’m a bleeding heart evolves, no chicken and I can formally endorsed chicken foot then you, you totally can. But my favorite, my all time favorite and I hope that you guys write this one down. Um, this is a takeoff on the reality show and the reality show out there called Lego masters. I love this show.

Karen McCullough: I don’t know if any of you have watched it, but tune into Lego masters. It’s on Fox and you can also get it on Hulu and Lego masters is a reality show that’s hosted by will Arnett. We’ll learn. That was the Batman in the original Lego movie. I don’t know if y’all remember, but he was the voice of Batman and now he’s got this phenomenal show where he has adults. I think there’s like about 30 people from all over the country. They work in teams and they are now, and if you remember the show, you’re either a Lego master or Lego builder. The builders like to follow the instructions and they build their little towns according to whatever the recipe is for it and they keep them right, but masters crash everything. They’ve smack it down and they start all over again. The beginning, right.

Karen McCullough: You’re getting how much fun this game is and they create from the bottom up the ground level. In the TV show, I think they have like an hour. Of course they flashed time and then they have a winner. Well my grandkids saw this and my daughter said, we are going to have as rewards when they do their homework. When we’ve had a good day, maybe every couple of days we’re going to do Lego masters and then she, once they create their creation and she videos them and she says to me the video, they’re phenomenal. They’re very creative and then guess what they get to do? They either get to keep it like a builder or they get to smash it and so I watched them smash them every time. It’s a lot of fun. Think about not just for kids, it’d be a lot of fun for you to play it for me to play to. And I think it would really help the, the brain cells grow. Like those are mine. It sounds like a fun.

Crystal Washington: Yes. But you know what’s interesting, I bet there are people that are watching us right now that even have some of their own games they’re playing, whether it’s online or in person. So be sure to drop your suggestions below a link to it, explaining your game, whatever it is. Make sure to share, because the more games we have to choose from, the more wonderful things we have to do with the people we care about.

Karen McCullough: and the more fun we have. So guys, have a good weekend. Have some fun. See you next time.