Send Out Cards


It was truly a pleasure seeing you at Send Out Cards Convention! I hope that the information that I shared will help you! That brings me to my next point. I shared a large amount of content with you. In fact, it may have been a little like drinking from a fire hose. Please don’t worry about incorporating everything. Choose one thing from the presentation that you can do in the next day or two. One little thing. You can do that, right?

As promised, I’ve included a link to download the notes.

A Gift For You

I mentioned yesterday that I believe technology should make us more efficient, effective, and connected. That was just the tip of the iceberg, my friends! I automate/delegate and use technology for tons of things to make my life not only more manageable but also enjoyable!

I recently released a new book that is jam-packed with tips and resources. It is currently available for purchase via the information below. OR, you can get a PDF copy of it right now in return for approximately three minutes of your time. I’d appreciate your feedback on my session. In return, you’ll have the opportunity to download a copy of the book. Deal?

Click here to get the book as a gift.