Girl Scout My Community BadgeI personally believe that the Universe has a funny way of telling us things and giving us a bit of motivation.  For instance, no matter what restaurant I choose, my fortune cookies either deal with building a business or not scattering energies- a personal issue I work to overcome.  Well, today I found a badge.  After researching it online, I found that it is a Girl Scout My Community badge: awarded to girls who both appreciate and contribute to their communities.  This is pretty cool considering all of the advisory boards, steering committees, etc. that I am a member of, in addition to being a “Big” with Big Brothers Big Sisters*.

The employees of the gas station, where it was found, knows I have the badge, should the Girl Scout, or mom, call.  In the meantime, thanks Universe for the recognition!

What is the funniest or most motivational sign you received from the Universe?

*Note- BBBS is always looking for mentor volunteers.  The organization is especially in need of men to mentor boys in the program, some of whom have been on lists for matches for years.  Please consider becoming a mentor in 2011.