Not all social media users are created equal. While some people attract desired social media connections in droves, others repel even before a contact accepts a connection/friend request.

Three Most Awesome People on Social Media

The Entertainer

The Entertainer consistently puts a smile of the face of her connections and followers. Her posts may or may not consist of much substance, but they get plenty of views and stand out from the noise. Entertainer posts may include jokes, funny video snippets or inspiring items. This social media connection has the ability to start hilarious or highly intriguing conversations on their posts.

The Informer

You visit The Informer’s profile whenever you want to keep up with current events, learn industry trends or other useful information. Informers are content curators and act as an information filter, saving their connections time.

The Influencer

The Influencer is typically a combination of The Entertainer and The Informer. This person posts useful information and knows how to engage an audience and drive action. Influencers don’t simply share useful posts, they add their own spin, give practical applications and generally shorten the learning curve for their audience.

Three Most Horrible People on Social Media

The Bad Clown

This person thinks of himself as The Entertainer, but in reality posts things that many would deem inappropriate like game requests, crass comments and snarky statements about people who do not share his beliefs.

Warning: When using humor online, there is a very thin line between being The Entertainer and The Bad Clown. Be cautious of what you post to ensure you do not damage your personal brand.

The Misinformer

The Misinformer want to scare everyone into action, help us live a healthier life, or ignite our rage against an injustice. However, unfortunately, this person doesn’t realize that The Onion is satire, has no idea what is, and never googles an article before sharing it, no matter how suspicious or outrageous the claims may be. Over time, this person loses all credibility, but never realizes it. If someone points out that a post is false, The Misinformer keeps it up because it “could” be true or it is similar to another real event.


While it may or may not bother you to have an Incognito in your social media circles, they’re still one of the worst people on social media because Incognito is not making use of valuable opportunities to build relationships. If this person feels especially active, she may “like” a post. Otherwise, she simply lurks. There are no pictures of herself on her profiles and she creates no posts. She’s just taking up space and completely ignoring the purpose of social media.

Which social media personality are you?

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