Nearly all small businesses use newsletters from services like Constant Contact to send emails to their customers/followers/supporters.  However, not all newsletters are created equal.  Here are three things that you can do to make your emails more engaging.

  1. Use HTML vs. Boring Templates. While newsletter templates were once the only option available to the masses who do not have knowledge of HTML, now you have more choices.  One of the simplest free, non-techie HTML editors is KompoZer.
  2. Keep it Short and Simple. Keep your newsletter short with 1-2 action items at most.  If you are with a non-profit, you don’t want to have “click here to volunteer”, “donate money now”, “adopt a child”, “connect with us on Facebook” and “buy this book” action items all crammed into one email.  If you give people too many choices, they will choose nothing.  However, if you guide your newsletter readers into action with only a couple of options, they are more likely to comply.
  3. Do make the message about them. Write your content with your audience in mind.  Make it about them, their issues, their victories- their perspective.  If they can see themselves in your copy, they are more likely to have an emotional connection and share your message with others.