I think most of us would agree that while communication is important, it is something that nearly everyone can stand to improve upon.  For instance, in the past week, I’ve observed individuals have misunderstandings because their personal definitions of one word were different.  I’ve seen people justify their position with a particular belief system that they person whom they were addressing did not actually believe in.  I’ve also observed businesses, specifically small businesses, try to convey one message with their brand while their brand itself was communicating something totally different.

One of the major causes of this is what I call Egocentric Marketing.  However, it is not enough to simply reflect your target market, you must understand the language of visual communication.  Color psychology, symbolism, spacing and typography all contribute to your message.  If you are trying to convey a feeling of trust and calm with your company, your logo should not be a bright red butterfly with your company’s name in bold lettering.

What are your logo and marketing materials communicating to your potential clients?