I just received an email from one of my clients that his profile ranked in the top 1% of profiles for views on LinkedIn in 2012. I’m pretty stoked because this is precisely why he hired me last year to optimize his profile and teach him how to be more strategic on LinkedIn.

Top 1% most viewed LinkedIn Profiles

Believe it or not, optimizing your profile for LinkedIn really is not rocket science. There are a few things that everyone can do to gain more leads.

  1. Optimize your profile for keywords. If a set of words are not in your profile, you will not come up in search when someone types them in. Think of all of the words, products, concepts a potential client may use that relate to you and PUT THEM IN YOUR PROFILE.
  2. Make sure your clients are on LinkedIn. Honestly, someone who has a clown shoe business could have a kick butt optimized profile and be extremely active, but still not get many views. Realistically, one’s ranking also has a great deal to do with the demand for their products/services. We should be most concerned with obtaining leads vs. strictly views. Someone with few views (due to low demand) could close extremely lucrative contracts.
  3. Be active. Post in groups and be of service. When you offer awesome solutions and insight into client issues in groups, group members will click on your name to check out your profile and learn more about you.
  4. Stalk people (a little). If you see that someone viewed your profile on the home screen, contact them to see if you may be of assistance.

3 Responses

  1. I don’t mean to burst your bubble as I also optimize LinkedIn profiles, but your client along with millions of other people received this message – including myself. I am sure you will be receiving one soon. This is a strategic marketing campaign to drive traffic to LinkedIn.

    1. Thanks for commenting Romona! How are you bursting my bubble? You are correct, LinkedIn just announced 200 million members and this is a marketing campaign. The network has sent out messages to those who had the top 1%, 5% and 10% views. Math tells us that 2% of 200 million is 2 million. So, 2 million users received the message that they are in the top 1% and 8 million (10 million minus the 2 million one percenters) received a message that they are in the top 5%, so on and so forth. So, you are absolutely right, millions of people received those messages. However, 90% of LinkedIn users, 180 million people, did NOT receive those messages.

      My goal is to help the 90% discover simple strategies for getting more views and leads. Thanks again!