What are your New Year’s resolutions for 2013? Are you going to lose weight, eat healthier, manage your finances better or work on professional networking? Chances are, whatever your New Year’s resolutions are, there are apps and social networks that can support you in your goals. Below are some of my favorites.

Meditation and Focus

mindwave mobile headsetMindwave Mobile by NeuroSky with Meditation Journal– Is one of your goals to meditate more or increase your level of focus on projects and activities?  Meditation Journal keeps track of your meditation, attention, and brainwave recordings in a journal and presents them to you in a series of data charts and accomplishments. It comes standard with the Mindwave Mobile reading device which works with iOS and Android platforms and is also compatible with PC and Mac.

Take Control of Your Finances

Mint.com– Mint allows you to connect all of your financial accounts in one place and then automatically organizes your spending into categories. If you’re a visual learner, you’ll appreciate the easy-to-understand charts.  Once you enter your financial goals, Mint will then provide you with advice and automated reminders.

Healthy Meal Plans and Cutting Fast Food

OurGroceries– One of the most difficult parts of sticking to a healthy or cost saving meal plan is keeping the needed grocery items in stock at home, especially when family members have different plans. This free app easily allows you sync your grocery list with all of your devices (iOS, Android and Blackberry) and with multiple users.

Weight Loss, Exercise and Meal Plansmyfitnesspal

MyFitnessPal– I’ve been a fan of this app for a couple years now and have used it to track my daily exercise, weight levels and the amount of calories consumed per meal. Plus, this resource offers a community to support you with your fitness goals.


Time Management

It’s impossible to recommend a single resource simply because time management needs vary from person to person. One person may want to manage the amount of time they spend on social networks while another may want to better manage the flow of information on industry-related articles. Here is a great list of 50 time management apps.


Grow Your Professional Network

LinkedIn– LinkedIn is the only social network that all professionals should use, without exception. You may already have an account, but chances are you’re not fully taking advantage of the network. First, if your profile is not filled out 100%, you’re leaving off valuable information that could attract potential clients, hiring managers or joint venture partners. Next, start to use LinkedIn as a research tool. Did you get a Facebook friend request from someone you don’t know and you’re not sure if you should add him/her? Look them up on LinkedIn to learn more about them! Do you want to work for a specific oil and gas company? Begin “following” their company page on LinkedIn to see new open positions, as they are posted! Would you like to connect with the decision maker at an online retailer? Use the advanced search function to find the name of the person you’re looking for!


There are thousands of helpful apps and social networks that are great for supporting New Year’s resolutions. What apps should be added to the list?

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