I’ll be the first to admit, falling into a social media black hole is something we all do.  I’ve had more than my share of days when I’ve started off uber-productive only to find that three hours have passed, and all I have to show for it is a gazillion interactions with Facebook friends, and many laughs.


As a social media speaker, I’m always asked by event attendees how they can be more productive on social media sites like LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook.  Here are my recommendations:


  1. Get a Plan. Understand exactly who you would like to reach (your target markets) and design your brand in a way that will be attractive to this group.  Do not use egocentric marketing techniques.  Make a conscious decision to post information that appeals to your target markets vs. what you want them to want.
  2. Sign up for Google Alerts and visit Alltop. Google Alerts will send you emails about specific topics that you would like to post about.  Simply type in the search words and set a new alert.  Alltop has hundreds of categories to choose from.  Simply click on the link for your topic to instantly see top blog posts and articles that you can share via social media.
  3. Create a Posting Calendar. Download a blank calendar template and fill in what you’d like to post about each date, on each network.  Consider holidays, upcoming events and other items that might influence your posting.  You can also include your blog, if you’d like.  Do this for at least one month out at a time.
  4. Sign up for Hootsuite. Hootsuite allows users to update their social networks from one place.  Additionally, you can schedule future posts on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.
  5. Buy a kitchen timer. Decide exactly how much time you will commit to social media each day.  I suggest something like 20 minutes in the AM and maybe 10 in the PM for extremely busy professionals.  If you can dedicate more time—great.  Either way, for whatever time you allot each day, set your egg timer for the correct amount of time.  Then post, moderate, comment on others’ posts, etc.

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