Sorry fellow Gen Ys, but, from my experience, Baby Boomers are much more likely to use social media strategically for business, once taught how.

Baby Boomers understand relationship building and business etiquette.  Many just do not understand how to use social media- the technology.

Gen Y’s often lack understanding of relationship building and business etiquette.  However, they know how to use social networks and online technology.

The problem here is that knowing how to use the technology, without understanding the business implications, is like knowing how to shoot a gun, but not understanding what a gun does.  Can you say “damage control”?

For this reason, many Gen Ys and even Xs don’t know what they don’t know.  Since they know how to use social media, they believe that they are experts at using it for business.  However, I always ask the experts, “When were the last two times you obtained a client or job offer via social media?”  At this point, I almost always hear crickets.

The benefit to the Baby Boomer is that many have opted to sit on the bench, until they understand how to use social media for business or their career.  This is a much better option than wasting tons of hours on social media with random interactions or posting pictures of oneself dancing on tables with margaritas.  Now, I’m not saying this is the case with all Gen Ys, but I do believe that a large majority of us struggle with boundaries, even when we say we are using social media for business purposes.

According to Dr. Ken Dychtwald, the world’s expert on aging trends, Americans are living longer, seeing shrinking retirements and are totally throwing away the old life cycle of youth -> education-> career & family->retire-> die and are replacing it with additional education after retirement and a new career.  Baby Boomers, unlike Gen Ys and Xs who will have less time to invest in learning in 5-10 years as they focus on career and family, are (or will soon be) in a space of reeducation.  This means that Boomers will have the time (during their first, but brief retirement) to learn how to use social media more strategically for their businesses or to get hired into that second career.

The only thing holding back many Boomers now is lack of knowledge of social media and fear.  Fear?  Yes. I’ve heard many Baby Boomers pooh-pooh social media, stating that it is silly, a waste of time, etc.  Obviously if the world’s largest brands are spending millions on social media campaigns and even opting to use social media over Superbowl commercials, there is value.  It was not until I was in an audience listening to Scott Stratton,“the” Twitter expert, that I started to grasp the level of fear some Boomers are dealing with.  After listening to Scott explain how he using Twitter and what tangible results he has seen for himself and friends, there were still attendees who tried to minimize its importance, while they were obviously suffering from a lack of business themselves.  I understood that it was easier for them to give off the appearance of not caring and believing social media to be foolish than to admit that they are afraid of losing relevance…

For those Boomers who are not so much fearful as they are lacking knowledge of how to use social media professionally, I have three tips:

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  1. You said…”Baby Boomers understand relationship building and business etiquette. Many just do not understand how to use social media- the technology.” That is so on point. I remember when I was working in TV news and had to get LEARN and get used to using the computer to look up information. I struggled. I’ve always been a pick-up-the-phone or let’s chat in person journalist so this was new to me.

    What we boomers have figured out is how to combine the online-offline more effectively as well as speaking the language we can all understand.

    Great post and I would love to use it for my blog 🙂