Join me for my first Mobile Marketing Minute!  We’re discussing the topic of transparency.  How much is too much for a business?

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    1. Thank you Marylyn! In our limited interactions, you do a great job of maintaining a professional image. Thank you for stopping by my blog!

  1. Crystal!

    First off, how about this new form of getting the message out? In your car, most interesting to say the least!

    Now, about Transparency. It is for sure really good to be honest and truthful, but don’t cross the line!

    As with many issues, “it all depends”. It depends on what is being said, how it’s being said, and whom it being said to. I once heard if you can’t say it in to or in front of your mother comfortably without any awkwardness, then it’s probably OK to post. You could adapt that to, would you said it to your sister, grandmother or any other woman you respect. Although, if the person posting has no empathy and is a bit clueless altogether, then a good Social Media Marketing coach like you or myself would be a good thing to set a clear set of “Dos and Don’ts”… and review said post BEFORE it goes out!

    To sum it up, when posting if you hesitate at all and wonder if you should click send, you probably should not be posting.

    1. Great litmus test Gary- mother and women in general! I like to say that if you would not say it to a crowded football stadium or project the image you posted online on the jumbotron, you probably should not say/post it.

  2. The webcam idea seems progressive and I feel behind the times on this issue. That is why I recently purchased one as the connectivity is cheap and the net is seemingly more impersonal despite the the feverish texting that goes on.

    I’ve heard good things about work groups using video on a daily basis and that seems attractive to productivity. Why not just cut out the middle man, or in this case, the screen/barrier? Also, a lot, or at least a few freelance agencies actually require you to work with a webcam and log your time on their website. If I can avoid this type of “tyranny” by forming a group on my own, well so be it.

    Despite all the “bad” use of webcam culture, it obviously has tremendous benefits; even over actually having that person in the room with you. In the end, it’s scary to think how long ago some people have adapted this technology for there own business/personal need, and where they must be in “meeting” their goals.

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