I had the pleasure of appearing on Ask Dr. Wendy, Dr. Wendy Johnson’s radio show.  We talked exclusively about the ins and outs of networking.

I personally believe that networking is one of the most important marketing activities, yet so few of us are effective networkers.  In fact, most people are extremely uncomfortable networking.  I had a blast with Dr. Wendy’s listeners who were not only calling in, but also active in the show’s chatroom.

Listen in and let me know your thoughts.  Do any of these issues apply to you?

3 Responses

  1. Thank you so much for this topic! I was actually at the EOD Gala that she spoke of in the beginning. I am one of the PR and Marketing Co-Chairs for HAULYP. You touched on many of my weak points. Mainly not knowing how to start a conversation and needing a friend to be there with me. My best friend was the talker in our past business endeavor. Now that I have branched out on my own I am constantly having to practice meeting people on my own. Dr. Johnson probably saw me nervously sitting there eating cheese throughout the reception instead of “working the room”. I will probably listen to this before every networking event I attend as a refresher. Thank you so much for posting this interview.

  2. Crystal,
    That was an excellent show. I can see you are confident in what you do. You touched on some points that I need to work on too. I appreciate your help and your knowledge. God bless and continue to keep you.