I’m not someone who uses the term “suicide” lightly.  However, the epidemic of people harming their personal and professional brands via social media is a very serious topic.  People have been known to lose jobs, clients and even mates due to social media activities.  If you’re looking for ways to commit Brand Harakiri, I suggest the following methods.

  1. Post inappropriate pictures of yourself. If you are high up on the corporate ladder, post pictures of yourself passed out drunk on the floor of your local bar.  If you’re a principal, post a picture in your newly acquired Speedo.
  2. Create tons of snarky, sarcastic posts about others. Nothing says happy professional like someone who is consistently mean and enjoys making fun of others.  This approach is sure to get you tons of new referrals from your social media friends as they are certainly happy to send their friends into the lion’s den.
  3. Post all of your business online. Hate your ex?  Post it!  Think your boss is a nincompoop?  Post it!  Are you tired of dating guys with foot fetishes?  Tell us all about it!  While this is not going to get you any raises at work or new clients, if you are an entrepreneur, venting sure makes you feel better- until the venting gets you in trouble.
  4. Be a mean, green, selling machine! Social media is all about numbers, so building relationships doesn’t matter, right?  Simply try to sell your products, income opportunities and fill your events.  Don’t comment on your connections’ posts or message them.  Just make sure that they buy, buy, buy!
  5. Create a social media presence at complete odds with your intended brand. The other day I came across a Facebook post from a person whose picture shows them on the cover of their book about corporate branding.  However, the post was about the religious validity of a sexual act that makes me blush just thinking about typing it- I won’t type it, by the way.

We have all made mistakes using social media.  When I first joined social networks, I learned that my expertise was not appreciated, unless requested.  In other words, I was an annoying know-it-all.  As a result, I corrected my approach!  If you feel yourself about to participate in any of the above actions, just step away from the ledge and know that your brand is worth saving!

2 Responses

  1. So, you’re saying I shouldn’t post this picture of me committing 8 – 12 felonies isn’t a good idea for my brand? LOL
    Great list and might I include: Consistent misspellings, mangled grammar and repetitively imposing your brand/product on “friend’s” pages without permission.