redcrossGreat public relations is a vital part of every marketing campaign.  Simply put, public relations (PR) is how your public/ target market perceives your business/ brand.  Good public relations grants exposure through stories/ information of public interest.  It is oftentimes difficult to put an exact price or pinpoint the exact ROI (return on investment) of great PR, but any marketing pro knows that positive goodwill is worth its weight in gold.  Furthermore, a good public interest story is percieved as being more credible than standard forms of paid advertising.

Looking for ways to increase positive PR on a shoestring budget?  Getting public exposure depends much more on the level of relevance to the public versus monies spent.   One of the best and most cost-effective ways to get press is to partner with a local non-profit organization.  Sponsor an event, fundraiser or educational seminar.  Your involvement gives you a great story that will garner public interest.  Depending on the size of the event and your level of involvement, you may be able to attract local news interviews, newspaper stories, magazine interviews, etc.

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