facebook stalker

  1. I will not be spooky. I think I speak for 99% of the Internet community when I say that it is really strange getting friend requests from people whom I do not know that have no visible pictures.  It’s like peaking through your peephole to see a stranger knocking on your door wearing a ski mask.  “Sure Mr. Stranger- come on in!”
  2. I will use LinkedIn. The operative word is “use”!  LinkedIn is a network that all professionals should use.  My friend, Karen McCullough wrote a great blog post about how to use LinkedIn.  LinkedIn is great for entrepreneurs as it can help you build relationships and increase sales through prospecting.  Professionals can use the service to find new jobs, learning opportunities, prospect, build themselves as experts and network.
  3. I will not use social networks as a diary. True, social networks are supposed to be social, but professionals have to set limits.  Everyone doesn’t need to know that your ex is a royal jerk nor does the world benefit from pictures from your emergency room visit.
  4. I will not be repetitive.  I will not be repetitive. Be interesting!  If every Monday you’re complaining about life, every Wednesday you’re providing quotes and every Friday you’re posting a spam sales message, you’re not going to have many interactions.  If friends do not “unfriend” you, they’ll likely hide your posts.
  5. I will fill out my profiles, completely. This is a biggie for me.  If you are on social networks for businesses purposes, make sure that your friends/followers/connections know what you do and how to find you.  Hiding your email and not listing a phone number is fine if you are on social networks 100% for social interactions, but if you want to mix in a professional presence, that’s not the way to go.

What social media New Years resolution would you recommend I add to the list?

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  1. And might I add:
    I will read, share and comment of blogs/sites of note.
    This one is a biggie for me as I tend to read, nod in silent agreement and move on without thinking to add my witty repartee to the dialogue. (Which is not very social of me!)
    Great write! ;^)

  2. Great post Crystal. Here’s another… I will not tag “bad’ photos of friends and associates. There are some doozies of me out there in cyberspace…You know the “WOWI look so fat shots”, bad hair day shots, and those crazy red eyes!