You probably check your Facebook Inbox for messages on a semi-regular basis but did you know that you are likely missing important messages? That’s because you have two other message folders—no joke—and most Facebook users don’t even know that they’re there. The worse part is that messages for legitimate contacts can end up in these folders!

I posted a message about the additional folders—Other and Spam—this morning. Below are comments from some of my Facebook friends.

... missed a documentary request months back (too bad)... some testimonials and business questions and just registered a new {club} member a few minutes ago through one of the 'other messages'... who knew! Thanks again.

wow, thanks for the tip’ I just checked, and I have 40 messages in my other’ box that I never knew existed until now! wow I had 99 mesaages and YEs some were Important! a coaching request was one of them. thank you! I didnt even know that existed - never noticed

OMG... Crystal! I didn’t know these folders exasted and I just found some messages from my customers. Thank you

And, it just might save you from having to get a new gym membership card.

The funniest thing happened to me today. So, I read Crystal Washington Martin's post about other messages in the EB messages inbox. So I checked mine.  About 6 weeks ago, I lost my ID card to the gym I attend. It wasn't in the lost and found so I bought a new card. Well, today, when I checked the “other messages, there was a message from the person who found my ID card. She said she's holding it hostage for a cup of coffee! HA! I'm happy to take her for coffee. That's just too funny to me.

Where are these elusive messages, you ask? See below.

How to find Other and Spam folder on Facebook

How to locate Spam and Other message folder on Facebook


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