IMG00063I like social media.  Okay, I like it A LOT.  So much so that on top of all of my other activities, I manage a few groups on, including Meetup Organizers of Houston.  In other words, I organize a group of organizers.  Sounds slightly repetitive, no?

Fortunately, my group was selected to be one of thirteen groups visited during Meetup HQ’s  Organizer Appreciation Tour.  Pretty cool considering that we are one of almost 59,000 Meetup groups in existence!  Even more cool was the fact that the team from Meetup went through a great deal of trouble to woo us, their customers.  By the end of the event, my entire group (ranging from bikers to animal rescue organizers) were eating out of their hands.  There are four things that we can all learn from Meetup HQ’s Organizer Appreciation Tour.

1.  Make Your Customer Feel Like a VIP.

Meetup not only flew four representatives to each city, but they also sponsored the events!  Organizers recieved delicious food, free drinks and even goody bags.  My members could not believe that Meetup was willing to spend thousands of dollars to see them.  In the end, Meetup made a very wise investment.  Why?  All 40+ attendees will now spread the word about their very personal experience with Meetup HQ.  In turn, their friends will join and start Meetups as well.

2.  Give Your Clients Options.

Even though Meetup HQ was footing the bill, they gave each local Meetup Group the option to select their venue and make other decisions about the event.  Why was this important?  It made each group feel as though Meetup HQ respected their opinion.

3.  It’s Never About You, It Is Always About Them.

Amazingly enough, 90% of the conversation was directed at getting feedback from organizers.  Yes, Meetup HQ discussed the history and even revealed pending updates, but the bulk of the conversation was directed at understanding what organizers liked and disliked.  In turn, many of them later commented on how they felt that Meetup valued them and their experience.

4.  Make Each Customer Feel Special.

Meetup HQ spoke to every single organizer in attendance.  In fact, they did not leave until every organizer had the opportunity to ask questions and/ or make suggestions.  They gave each attendee a goody bag with neat Meetup tools and even discounts.  I must admit that I was totally surprised when I opened my own bag only to find a Meetup mug with my face on it!  I must have laughed for nearly a minute at my floating head on a cup!  However, I was honestly choked up.  Meetup HQ made me feel special because I knew that someone had to take the time to create my gift.  Result?  I’m likely one of their biggest fans!

Remember, woo your clients and you will have a long and happy relationship!

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