Lionel Carter

Crystal is an awesome social media coach. She breaks a plan down to the smallest details. Very personable and friendly service. She is professional, exciting and very knowledgeable. I recommend her for any social media coaching or speaking engagements that you need. – Lionel Carter, C16 Media

Myrna Galan

Thank you Crystal, the presentation was great! Very useful information. I appreciate that you use terminology that non social media savvy people can understand and use the information right away. –Myrna Galan,  Galan Graphix

Cheryl Seidner

I just returned from a 3 day conference in Chicago attending social media training seminars and I learned more from you in 1/2 hour than 72 hours there. Easy to understand, implement, manage, and great tips to grow my business. And, you are so bright and lively! Thanks!  -Cheryl Seidner

Embrace Your Inner Nut, It Pays

If you’re not afraid to fail and look silly, you are more likely to get the reward. I constantly incorporate this lesson in my presentations and business dealings.

Four Reasons Why Conference Planners Need to Invest in Video

[video] You’re planning a conference. The budget is quickly being blown out of the water with venue fees, speaker fees, marketing & promotions, etc. Where can you cut costs? What is not a necessity? If you think “video”, you are sorely mistaken.

In fact, video is one of your most important assets. Your conference can be compared to an amazing wedding. You can spend a ton on decorations, food, favors, flowers, entertainment, etc. However, if you do not have great quality photos or videos- who’ll remember the expensive details?

Below are four reasons why video is a must for every conference, especially if it occurs on an annual basis.