Super-Size Your Personal Brand on Social Media

22nd July, 2013 : : Crystal Washington

Creating a strong personal brand online will help you build credibility in the eyes of followers, connect with influences and will ultimately result in your being contacted by key decision makers for opportunity. However, a powerful personal brand does not happen overnight, nor is it the result of simply “showing up” on social networks like LinkedIn, […]

Three Tools to Leverage Your Client’s Brand

15th July, 2013 : : Crystal Washington

Competition is steep in today’s business world. People are constantly bombarded with advertisements, solicitations, and other marketing messages. It pays (literally) to know how to cut through the clutter to make an impact. One of the best ways to outshine the competition and differentiate your personal and/or professional brand is through directly leveraging your clients’ brands. […]

Three Tips for Handling a Social Media Brand Crisis

8th July, 2013 : : Crystal Washington

One of the most amazing benefits of leveraging social media is the ability to gain momentum behind a concept or brand. The corresponding negative is damaging publicity and untrue information can also spread quickly and gain traction. Most professionals are wholly unaware of how to handle a social media crisis for their personal brand or […]

LinkedIn Connection Requests via Facebook Message?

3rd July, 2013 : : Crystal Washington

One of my mentors recently contacted me when she received a LinkedIn connection request via her Facebook inbox. Was it legit or spam? I decided to conduct a little experiment to see. Over a year ago, Facebook assigned users a Facebook email address. If you do not update your email address, your Facebook email appears […]

Build Your Brand with Hashtags

28th June, 2013 : : Crystal Washington

Do you want to be seen as a subject matter expert? If so, leveraging the power of hashtags is a quick and relatively easy way to build your brand around a particular topic. Hashtags are a word or short phrase, preceded by the number sign,#, that allows people to easily follow and join conversations around […]

4 Tips for Getting More LinkedIn Leads

11th February, 2013 : : Crystal Washington

I just received an email from one of my clients that his profile ranked in the top 1% of profiles for views on LinkedIn in 2012. I’m pretty stoked because this is precisely why he hired me last year to optimize his profile and teach him how to be more strategic on LinkedIn. Believe it […]

Turn Negative Yelp and Google+ Reviews Into Cash

31st January, 2013 : : Crystal Washington

The fact that the Internet, specifically sites like Yelp and Google, allow anyone on the Internet to comment on a business is amazingly awesome scary. One question that I often receive from audience members who own restaurants or car dealerships is, “How do I control what people say about my business?” In short, you cannot. […]

Using Facebook for Business? You’ve Probably Missed Important Messages in Secret Message Folders!

11th January, 2013 : : Crystal Washington

You probably check your Facebook Inbox for messages on a semi-regular basis but did you know that you are likely missing important messages? That’s because you have two other message folders—no joke—and most Facebook users don’t even know that they’re there. The worse part is that messages for legitimate contacts can end up in these folders!

5 Social Network and Mobile App Resources for New Year’s Resolution Success

1st January, 2013 : : Crystal Washington

What are your New Year’s resolutions for 2013? Are you going to lose weight, eat healthier, manage your finances better or work on professional networking? Chances are, whatever your New Year’s resolutions are, there are apps and social networks that can support you in your goals. Below are some of my favorites.

‘Why Every Social Media Manager Should Be Under 25’ Is NOT the Way to Go!

23rd July, 2012 : : Crystal Washington

A few days ago, a young woman by the name of Cathryn Sloan started a bit of controversy with her post on NextGen Journal entitled, “Why Every Social Media Manager Should Be Under 25.” In her post, Cathryn points out the she and her peers were in high school when Facebook and Twitter became hugely popular, which allowed them to grasp an understanding of how these networks operated.