Marketing 101- Getting the Sale!

One of the most difficult things for professionals to accomplish is “getting the sale”.  I know many people who have an amazingly huge pipeline, but constantly struggle to close sales; even with a great a product offering.  This is a serious marketing problem. Why is this a marketing problem?  Most people think that the terms […]

Marketing on Social Networks- Creating a Sense of Confidence in your Brand

I have taught many business owners how to leverage social networks like Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin to grow their businesses.  Inevitably, I always get the same question, “How do I inspire a sense of confidence in my company in people that have never met my employees or myself?” Good question.  Honestly, it is taking the […]

Doing Business Backwards- 4 Considerations BEFORE Starting a Business

I’m often asked by business owners, “How can I get more clients?”  Fair enough question, right?  I’m a marketer, I always have ideas.  However, occasionally I am faced with the task of explaining to that business owner how they have been doing business backwards. A true entrepreneur sees a need in the market first, and […]

Invisible Marketing- 5 Ways To Spread The Word

Simple question: How can people find your business? Are you in the Yellow Pages?  Do you have a website?  Do you take out ad space in magazines or leave flyers in local businesses? Many small businesses are so consumed with the business of “staying afloat” that they neglect the thing that will help them do […]

Strategic Partnerships- Why It Pays To Play With Others

I will never forget my high school math teachers. Every single one bragged that Math (as a subject) is better than English because “Math does not have exceptions like the English language; 1+1 always equals 2″. While these brilliant educators did a wonderful job at helping me master math up to Calculus II in high […]

Top 5 Ways To Lose Clients On Social Networks- Unmarketing

Social networks are amazing tools for growing one’s business.  However, it is possible to do more harm that good on networks like Facebook, Linkedin or even Twitter.  Here are the top five ways to actually lose clients on social networks:

Christmas Tree Marketing- When Desktop Publishing Goes Wrong!

Who can forget the Christmas cartoon A Charlie Brown Christmas?  You remember; the one with the sad, little naked Christmas tree.  In the end, the kids wrapped it in a blanked, loved it, sang to it and then decorated it.  By the end of their song, the tree looked beautiful and inviting.  Interestingly enough, this […]

Kill Jack Before He Kills Your Image!

Who is Jack, you ask?  Mr. Jack-of-all-trades.  We need to nip him in the bud right now.  If you don’t, he will kill your professional image and likely your chance of having a successful business. I recently came across the following document that was used in lieu of a business card.

The Psychology of Color

If you’re looking for easy ways to convey a message about your business, start with the colors that you are using in your marketing materials. Consider the following: An insurance company with a hot pink logo A bright red logo for a mortuary A children’s book with a black and navy blue cover I’m sure […]

Marketing Lessons From Cleo McDowell

I’ll never forget what my boss told me; I was fresh out of college, occupying my first sales & marketing position. Boss:  If you want to know what works in terms of marketing, just look at the big guys. Me:  Excuse me? Boss:  Copy what they’re doing.  They are investing hundreds of thousands of dollars […]